Peachey's Preserves
Just some of the Peachey’s Preserves range

We produce a range of preserves year-round as well as seasonal specialities. Keep an eye on our latest news for details of seasonal products.

Our year-round range is listed below.

Jams:  Strawberry, Strawberry & Vanilla, Raspberry, Victoria Plum, Damson, Blackcurrant, Gooseberry.

Marmalades: Seville Orange, Seville Orange & Chilli, Seville Orange with Lemon & Ginger Ale, Lemon & Ginger.

Jellies: Apple, Cider & Sage, Minted Apple, Redcurrant & Apple, Blackcurrant & Sloe, Apple & Thyme, Quince.

Chutneys: Rich Tomato, Waveney Valley (Plum & Ale), Beetroot & Apple, Prune & Porter Ale, Apricot & Ale, Tomato, Ale & Chilli, Onion Marmalade, Chilli Jam, Hot Chilli Relish.

Onion Marmalade – Delicious with cheese or sausages


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